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October 16 2017

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I think this one got eaten during the database fuckup.

October 05 2017

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The Prophecy is true...

X is Roger Smith.

October 04 2017

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better helmet proportions but the earpiece needs adjusting. oh well.

June 06 2017

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Alternate E.Honda based more off of the 94 movie version rather than the game one
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Jean Claude Van Damme's Guile from the 94 movie
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oh yeah I finished this a while ago

March 11 2017

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1994 Street Fighter the Movie card for Jay Tavare's Cagefighter Vega/Claw
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Working on Cagefighter Vega/Claw using Jay Tavare's Vega from the 1994 Street Fighter movie as a reference

February 23 2017

Some of my old images are broken and new ones I try to upload are broken too. Is this something that's supposed to be happening as far as symptoms of the problem or is it unrelated?

Update after crash ;)

Dear Soup friends,

We had a big database crash, and the backups we had were corrupted.
The only working backup was from 2015.
We are working hard on getting some data out of the crashed database.

Please be patient!
Your Soup.io Team

Hallo Soup Freunde!

Wir hatten einen großen Datenbanken crash, und die Backups, die wir hatten waren Korrupt.
Das einzig funktionierende Backup war von 2015.
Wir arbeiten hart daran noch Daten aus der gecrashten Datenbank heraus zu bekommen.

Bitte bleibt geduldig!
Dein Soup.io Team
Reposted fromupdates updates
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Peter Tuiasosopo's E.Honda from the 1994 Street Fighter Movie.
Yup, lots of data loss because of the problem that happened. D:

May 14 2015

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it me
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very old drawing I did.

cutty 001

(PNG, 389 KB)
Drawing of Cut Man
Tags: cutman megaman
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Tags: mmz
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old doodle
Tags: megaman
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Tags: forte
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